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Thinking about studying abroad?

Dare to chase your dream without constraint or boundary? Are you adventurous enough to seek knowledge without reservation , Are you intrigued about foreign cultures, languages and traditions? Then search no further...

ICaS has been helping students across Nigeria pursue their dreams and passion by finding best study destinations and Institutions in Europe and the US. With our direct link to over 50 European schools, free career and visa counselling, there is no limit, for you to explore the world and acquire knowledge through summer language trips,Short courses, foundation studies, pre-masters, undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

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Our aim is to provide effective, efficient and sustainable solutions which improve profitability, business growth, customer base and makes your competitors irrelevant. We strongly believe in your organisation's success which is our motivation.


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“If a free society cannot
help the many who are poor,
It cannot Save the few
who are rich"
…John F. Kennedy...

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